Our website was set up and paid for the first year - which expires on May 13.

We think most will agree it has served its purpose well, and continues to.

We want to know the level of support for extending it for a further 5 years - to at least take us through to the date of our 45 year reunion.

The total cost of this will be $489, payable before May 13.

Please answer the following questions after which we will ask Arnie to perform a Chi-square test on the results to ensure statistical significance.

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1)   * Would you support the continuation of the life of this website for a further 5 years to our 45 year reunion?

Yes No
2)   * Are you prepared to contribute to the cost of continuation with a donation of $25 or more? (This allows for slippage and non-participation - any surplus will be converted to alcoholic beverages for consumption at next reunion)

Yes No
3)   Do you have any suggestions to improve the use and function of this website - or, for that matter any other comments?